The 'Association des Anciens'

Paying tribute to the past glories of the Blue and Whites

Monday 27 June 2011 - 14h11

The 'Association des Anciens Girondins' (the Club's Association for former players) was founded in 1964, with the club passing through  a turbulent period in terms of performances and results. Former club players came together in a spirit of soildarity which has lasted for over 40 years. The aim of the association is to bring together players and directors under the banner of the club which they hold dear, the club which they had the honour and pleasure of representing. The 'Anciens' are an integral part of the Football Club des Girondins de Bordeaux, a key contributor to our identity.

With well over 40 years of history, the association includes 130 members who come together several times a year for meetings, dinners, gala matches and testimonials. The association is governed by a board of 11 members, elected at the ordinary and extraordinary General Meeting of the Anciens Girondins association held on 10/09/05:

  • President: Marius Trésor
  • Vice president: Alain Giresse
  • General Secretary: Guy Habonneau
  • Assistant Secretary: Yves Servant
  • Treasurer: Yves François
  • Assistant Treasurer: Jean-Claude Blanc
  • Gala match directors: Rolland Guillas / Christian Montes
  • Celtic Challenge directors: Michel Téchenet / Yves Servant
  • Communication: Max Obispo / Bernad Baudet
  • Social officers: Max Obispo / Christian Montes


A word from the President

Marius Trésor was one of the greatest defenders the game has ever seen, and now serves as the President of the Club des Anciens. He works hard throughout the year to coordinate the association's business, and to make sure the Girondins shine in testimonial matches.

"The Association des Anciens Girondins provides a link between the different generations of players and directors who have shaped, or are still shaping, the history of the Girondins de Bordeaux. Our goal is to bring together as many players as possible who have worn our famous shirt, for gala and testimonial matches.

In the last few months, Rolland Guillas and Christian Montes have worked tirelessly to organise numerous gala matches which have been of excellent quality. This season, our aim is to increase the number of these occasions, to promote the reputation of the Anciens and the whole club.

I would like to appeal to a few people. Firstly, to all former players and directors who are not members of the association: join us, we promise you'll have a great time on and off the pitch. Secondly, I would like to appeal particularly to players living in the south-west of France, to encourage them very strongly to get involved with the Association's events and matches. Vive les Girondins ! "


Members of the association:

Pierre-André Bacque / Francis Barrière / Patrick Battiston / Bernard Baudet / Eric Bedouet / Philippe Bergeroo / Serge Guy Bertin / Gérard Bertrand / Bernard Billate / Jean-Claude Blanc / Francis Bordes / Philippe Brun / Félix Burdino / Guy Calléja / Jacky Carbonié / Michel Careaud / Jacky Castellan / René Castet / Jacques Cazebonne / Robert Charre / Jean-Marie Couronne / Michel Coustou / Michel Cristobal / Laurent Croci / René Crocket / Jean De Harder / Jacques Debelleix / Dominique Delsol / Jean Delsol / Patrick Delsol / Gustave Depoorter / Didier Desremaux / Jean-François Douis / Francis Dray / Dominique Dropsy Anciens - Dropsy/ Laurent Dufau / Jean-Albert Dupeyron / Raymond Fallon / André Ferri / Christian Foraste / Yves François / Jean-Claude Fritsch / Jean Gallice / Georges Gardes / André Garmendia / Gilbert Gautier / Bernard Gimenez / Jean-Pierre Ginestet / Jean-Claude Giraud / Alain Giresse / René Gomez / Philippe Goubet / Christian Gouraud / Laurent Gouraud / Guy Gourges / André Gourgousse / James Gueffier / Loïc Gufflet / Rolland Guillas / Roger Guillet / Guy Habonneaud / Hassan Hanini / Michel Hannedouche / Pierre Hau / Franck Histilloles / Kamel Kaada / Pierre Labat / Gérard Lafon / Jean-Pierre Lafontan / Francis Lanau / Michel Le Blayo / Alphonse Le Gall / Stéphane Leroy / Patrice Lestage / Thierry Marion / Jean-Louis Masse / Jean-Bernard Maye / Guy Meynieu / Albert Michaud / Alain Mikailitchenko / Gustave Mirande / Jean-François Moga / Lionel Moinet / Christian Montes / Jean-Claude Munier / Pierre Nabat / Marc Nasmi / Francisco Navarro / Robert Nouzaret / Max Obispo / Thierry Omer / Pierre Pailler / Michel Paiva / Michel Pavon / Jean-Louis Pendanx / Robert Péri / Jacques Persillon / Claude Petyt / Gérard Pilhouée / Pascal Pillot / Jacques Plaziat / Pierre Portal / William Pouyalet / Guy Raimond / Claude Rey / André Reynaud / Laurent Robuschi / Michel Rouy / Marc Sabattié / Jean-Pierre Sallard / Angel Segurola / Yves Servant / Pierre Soubabère / Léonard Specht / Jean Swiatek / Jean-Michel Técheney / Michel Técheney / Michel Testas / Michel Texier / Yves Texier / Albert Toulouse / Marius Trésor / Miren Urtizberea / William Vallejo.


Join the association:


  • Mail:
  • Telephone: 0 892 68 34 33  (€0.34 per minute)

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